Carbon Footprinting

Carbon FootprintingCarbon Footprinting

Carbon Footprinting

Sustainability Characteristic Definition
Starting in October 2023, carbon footprinting will be considered a “Sustainability Characteristic” when there is LCIA or PCF calculation data, audited by a third party, that shows at least 10% reduction vs a conventional fossil-based product.

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Carbon Footprinting

Sustainability Characteristic Definition

Carbon footprinting is considered a “Sustainability Characteristic,” for the purposes of this framework, when there is a life cycle assessment (LCA) or product carbon footprint (PCF) calculation data, that shows a ≥10% reduction vs a conventional fossil-based product. Ideally, it will be verified or audited by an accredited third party, but this is not a requirement for inclusion. 

Abstract icon representing the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.Abstract icon representing the ecological call to recycle and reuse in the form of a pond with a recycling symbol in the middle of a beautiful untouched jungle. 3d rendering.

ISO 14067 specifies principles, requirements, and guidelines for quantifying and reporting the carbon footprint of a product (CFP), consistent with International Standards on life cycle assessment (LCA) (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044). The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard can also be used to find the Product GHG Inventory. Further guidance is provided by the Together for Sustainability (TfS) PCF Guideline.

The analysis can cover any part of the cradle to grave lifecycle of the product, with cradle to gate being the most commonly reported. There are many companies working to calculate their product's carbon footprint as each industry works together to align in a consistent and transparent manner.

Any supplier PCF or LCA must be accompanied by a figure on the emission per unit of product (typically in Kg or metric tonne of CO2 per unit).

Supporting documentation includes boundaries, time period, and ideally third-party verification. Due to the newness and sensitivity of the Product Carbon Footprinting process, many suppliers will require NDAs for Univar Solutions to share this information with our customers.

If a PCF or LCA does not show a ≥10% reduction, we will utilize this data in different ways, i.e., for support in providing customers with PCFs, for scope 3 mapping, etc. When providing PCF figures to customers, we may need to work under NDA.

Trees laid out like a foot to represent your carbon footprintTrees laid out like a foot to represent your carbon footprint

Sustainable & Natural Product Portfolio

A framework for sustainability at the product level

Because there is no global definition of sustainability at the product level, we developed a Sustainable & Natural Product Framework to help customers evaluate sustainability for ingredients and raw materials. The Framework is already enabling productive communication on product sustainability and we are just beginning. As innovation and regulations emerge,  our Framework will evolve. Visit here often as we add new Sustainable & Natural Product Skus every week!​ 

Here are the first six sustainable & natural product characteristics. Click on each one for definitions and examples.

Sustainability adds value and makes business sense.

By leveraging our strong portfolio of sustainable products, services, practices and technologies to aid customers and consumers in meeting their sustainability goals, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and vision for a better world.

Sustainability makes good business sense and aligns with our core values of being serious about safety, a place where people matter, a company that's valuable to others and does what they say so that together, we win. Combined, these sustainability principles illustrate how through common goals, we can work toward a better tomorrow through next-generation solutions.

Sustainable services

NOTICE: All product information is provided in good faith and is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication based on information received from the supplier and secondary databases.  However, Univar Solutions is not able to verify whether third-party data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date and assumes no responsibility, obligation, or liability for the information provided.  NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, SUCH AS THOSE OF MERCHANTABILTIY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. Customer is solely responsible for determining whether products and/or the information provided are appropriate for Customer’s use, and Customer assumes all risk and liability in acting on the information provided.
Our Suppliers also sign our Supplier Code of Conduct so you can be assured that we are working throughout our supply chain to transparently create our Sustainable & Natural Products Portfolio.