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Univar Solutions is the place to go for innovative, inspiring solutions for all existing and evolving market requirements. We offer you a multitude of first class food and nutritional ingredients together with our technical expertise and commitment to foster innovation, with passion for the industry.

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    In today’s rapidly evolving sports and nutrition market, Univar Solutions strives to give you a competitive edge. Thanks to our in depth knowledge of these industries our experts can help you modify, enhance and tailor all aspects of production and innovation, be it taste, texture or mouthfeel. Univar Solutions serves your needs from one source. We open a door to exciting new technologies and emerging applications through well-established relationships with many of the world’s leading ingredient manufacturers.

    Bars & Snacking

    Nutrition bars are one of the fastest-growing segments in sports and healthy lifestyle nutrition, as traditional nutrition bars have become more accessible and palatable for the everyday health-conscious consumer. Beyond exercise, consumers also use these products to satisfy their hunger between meals. This suggests that the sports and performance nutrition category is finding success beyond exercise occasions and in more general snacking situations. 

    We have ingredients for your snack bars, whole food bars, meal replacement bars, high protein bars, or high fiber bars. When you partner with Univar Solutions, we can help you achieve the right texture and nutritional content with label-friendly claims that resonate with your consumer. 


    Beverage makers today are challenged to provide consumers with cleaner, healthier, more convenient options without sacrificing flavor and satisfaction. Univar Solutions offers a diverse array of sports and energy drink ingredients to fit your tastes and needs. From a complete line of sweeteners to texture modifiers, acidifying agents like flavor enhancers, or fortification and stabilizing agents, our ingredients experts can help you explore options to stay ahead of the latest trends and varieties, such as ready to drink or powdered mixes.

    Indulge in taste, texture, and functionality with our extensive line of beverage ingredients. Whether you are creating or producing drink recipes that are organic, clean label, or better for you, we have the products you need and the expertise you want to optimize your offering and your process. 


    Natural ingredients, like dairy proteins, are recognized as healthy by consumers and a diet rich in protein can deliver numerous health benefits. While plant-based solutions continue to excite consumers, dairy protein is perfect for addressing specific targeted consumer needs relating to sports, medical and/or pediatric nutrition. They also play a vital role in a balanced diet which in turn supports active lifestyles, weight management and healthy aging. 

    Univar Solutions carries a full line of flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and fortifiers to develop and enhance your beverage powders. No matter your challenge, our ingredient experts can help you stay ahead of consumer demand and latest trends. 

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