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Automotive and Transportation

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Distributing a wide range of production and non-production consumables throughout the Automotive and Transportation Industry, including providing full supply chain management for UK OEM's.

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    Experts in Automotive

    The automotive industry is at the heart of our business and has been for many years. By working closely with our customers we have helped some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing find the best solution to improve processes and save money.

    As well as large OEM's we also work with a number of tier businesses around the country to provide consumables for a wide variety of applications. Our strength lies in our ability to service businesses of all sizes and find the right solution.

    We manage a wide range of complexities including multi-source supply across thousands of product lines from hundreds of suppliers to provide excellent service.

    Product Lines

    Featured suppliers

    We work as part of your team to find the right solution

    We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your team lineside to ensure your business is as efficient as possible. One of our strengths is our relationships with world-renowned brands. These relationships allow us to bring in innovations, share market best practices and drive improved cost performance and process efficiencies that can be passed on to your business whilst maintaining a high level of product quality.

    Our team are based on-site at premium OEM's with dedicated warehouses and full inventory management to be ready to feed the line with materials so production can run smoothly without delay.

    Featured partners

    From OEM's to Tier 1 and 2

    We work with a wide range of manufacturers in the UK including some of the biggest names in the UK automotive industry. Our years of experience allow us to offer solutions and process improvements to every area of production.

    Our business is not restricted to OEM's, we also work with a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses to provide goods and services that aid their manufacturing processes.

    Embracing Technology

    At Univar, we make data-driven decisions to help your business. With technical innovations like our electronic ordering software and automatic order submission via our data interchange, we can offer automated solutions and provide data that helps you to understand what you are using so you can stay on top of your business. 


    At Univar we pride ourselves on achieving operational greatness to offer the best service possible to our customers. We constantly work to the highest standards and set the bar for quality and service.

    The Univar Solutions company management system complies with BS EN ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and covers the following sites for the sourcing, procurement and supply of silicones, lubricants and industrial consumable products for the UK and export markets including the use of in-house storage and distribution facilities.

    Finger on the pulse

    As a longstanding member of the SMMT, we constantly review market data and trends to ensure that we stay at the forefront of automotive and transportation development. Our commitment to the industry over a number of decades and our ability to react to changing market conditions makes us a leader in the automotive supply chain. 

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