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Water Treatment

A full compliment of products and services for your water treatment needs

Univar Solutions offers a broad portfolio of water treatment ingredients and products, providing a one-stop-shop solution to your water purification needs.

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    A one-stop-shop for your water treatment needs

    We combine outstanding technical expertise in chemical distribution with reliable service and well-planned logistics. We value strong and honest collaboration with our customers so that we together can find the solution that suits you best. Proudly we represent several of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers.

    Our supplier-branded range is complimented by Univar Solutions’ trusted portfolio of CAFLON™ Flocculants & Coagulants, Modified Acids/Alkalis, Surfactants, and Chelates.

    Clean treated water falling onto a hand with the light shining through Clean treated water falling onto a hand with the light shining through

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    Introducing Water Based Polymers 


    Univar Solutions are proud to distribute our Caflon Floc™ range. These water-based dispersion polymers are easy-to-use and demonstrate exceptional versatility and performance across a diverse range of applications.

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