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    In metal treatment and finishing operations, the degreasing phase is very important for processing operations such as pickling, passivation, electropolishing, anodizing, electroplating, mechanical finishing.

    The chemical nature of the degreasing substance is very importance for performance, cost and safety of the operation, regulatory compliance, and environmental respect. There are many different solutions in the market to remove organic soils (oils, fat, waxes) and even silicones.

    Lambiotte offers efficient solvents to remove difficult organic soils and silicones from many metal surfaces when water based solutions are not efficient or fast enough.

    Lambiotte acetals provide many benefits in cleaning operations thanks to its low surface tension, high solvent and degreasing power, quick drying time, miscibility with water and synergy with surfactants and numerous organic solvents. Beyond that they have a better Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) classification than senior popular solvents in the market as shown below.

    Featured Products

    Methylal as alternative to highly volatile solvents such as hexane, heptane, and alcohols. CAS Number: 109-87-5. EC number: 203-714-2. EC name: Dimethoxymethane

    Butylal as alternative to strong degreasers such petroleum distillates/white spirits, D-limonene, and Orange terpenes between others.  Butylal is a non-flammable powerful solvent of waxes, fats, oils, and silicones between other highly hydrophobic substances. CAS Number: 2568-90-3. EC number: 219-909-0. EC name: 1.1'-[Methylenebis(oxy)]dibutane

    Dioxolane as alternative to polar water-miscible solvents like ketones for cleaning of non-greasy soils such as organic resins, as example permanent ink marks. CAS Number: 646-06-0. EC number: 211-463-5. EC name: 1,3 Dioxacyclopentane.