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Premium ingredients to enhance your protein products

Maximize shelf life, increase yield and functionality, reduce sodium and more. Whether you are creating or producing recipes that are clean-label, offering high-quality taste, and fresh or better-for-you ingredients, we have the expertise to give you a competitive edge.

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    Even with ever-shifting consumer preferences, meat, poultry and seafood items continue to be a mainstay in the diet.

    Whether fresh, frozen, cured, or ready-to-eat, we offer a wide range of quality name-brand food ingredients for meat, poultry, and seafood products that help boost food safety, maximize shelf life, increase yield and functionality, reduce fat and sodium, and more. No matter if you are working with recipes that are clean label, taste-enhanced, fresh, or better for you, Univar Solutions has the name-brand products you need, the security of a global supply chain, and the industry expertise to give you a competitive edge

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    Enzymes in animal protein food processing

    By helping to get the most from a wide range of animal co-products, enzymes contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental waste and improving food processing facilities’ product quality, yield and sustainability. Explore how using enzymes by Novonesis to convert animal protein into valuable products can help improve the process economy of food manufacturing.

    Formulating for Plant Based Meat and Seafood

    Foodology by Univar Solutions means our wide selection of meat alternatives helps with your vegetable protein, vegan, and nonmeat products. As interest in plant proteins and flexitarian diets continues to grow quickly and significantly, meat-free recipes are expected to deliver great, natural flavour.

    Hybrids that feature both plant and animal proteins and plant-based proteins which replace chicken, seafood, sausage, and deli meats are rapidly being introduced into new markets.

    Together with our meat alternative ingredient formulation expertise, we can help with binding, forming, and texturizing as well as fat replacement and moisture retention in your flavour-filled recipes.

    Hot Beverages

    Beverage sales are rising and almost all segments in the food and beverage sector are experiencing exponential growth following the continuous change in consumer preferences. Rising demand for hot drinks in emerging countries coupled with the launch of new beverage variants has resulted in an increased demand for hot drinks such as speciality coffee, and tea which are used to help consumers elevate their mood and increase their energy levels.

    Latest Meat, Fish and Poultry Trends

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