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Whether it’s combatting resistant stains, removing oily food debris, brightening colors or maintaining fabric care, we have a solution to fit your cleaning application and laundry detergent manufacturing needs. 

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We are committed to bringing next-generation ingredients to the homecare market that enable our customers to produce better-performing formulations and meet the latest consumer demands for clean living products. Univar Solutions is the proud distributor of enzymes by Novonesis, a world leader in biotechnology innovation. Together, we offer a portfolio of innovative, sustainable cleaning aids and softener ingredients designed to improve wash performance and tackle the toughest laundry challenges.

Dirt comes in various forms and incorporates proteins, starches and lipids—and what's more, garments treated with starch must be liberated from that starch. Using cleansers in water at high temperatures with vigorous mixing can rid garments of most kinds of dirt. However, enzymes offer a solution to conserve the cost and usage of energy resources while prolonging the shelf life of materials.

Applying enzymes as a washing aid enables laundry cleansers to dispel tough protein-based stains (milk, blood, grass and sweat) with lower temperatures and shorter washing cycles. 

Found in nature and part of our everyday lives, enzymes are active ingredients that enable more eco-friendly, high-performance solutions in the cleaning and laundry spaces. Enzymes target and break down the toughest and messiest stains, whether cleaning or brightening clothing, sanitizing dishes or medical instruments or enhancing at-home or industrial cleaning applications.

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