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We are committed to bringing next-generation ingredients to the homecare market that enable our customers to produce better-performing formulations and meet the latest consumer demands for clean living products. Univar Solutions is the proud distributor of enzymes by Novonesis, a world leader in biotechnology innovation. Together, we offer a portfolio of innovative, sustainable cleaning aids and softener ingredients designed to improve wash performance and tackle the toughest laundry challenges.

Whether it’s combatting resistant stains, removing oily food debris, brightening colors or maintaining fabric care, we have a solution to fit your cleaning application and laundry detergent manufacturing needs. Learn more about the science behind enzymes for laundry.

Effective laundry cleaning through enzymes

Dirt comes in various forms and incorporates proteins, starches and lipids—and what's more, garments treated with starch must be liberated from that starch. Using cleansers in water at high temperatures with vigorous mixing can rid garments of most kinds of dirt. However, enzymes offer a solution to conserve the cost and usage of energy resources while prolonging the shelf life of materials.

Applying enzymes as a washing aid enables laundry cleansers to dispel tough protein-based stains (milk, blood, grass and sweat) with lower temperatures and shorter washing cycles. 

Harness the power of enzymatic detergent blends

Whether a brand is looking to improve fabric care, solve specific stain challenges or reduce odors, Medley® enzymatic liquid laundry blends by Novonesis tackle specific consumer challenges with powerful natural solutions.

An enzyme solution for every cleaning challenge

Novonesis' enzymatic solutions are simple yet powerful laundry aids to help formulators address the following challenges for consumers:

  • Complex laundry issues

  • Fuzz and pills

  • Fiber stains

  • Grease stains

  • Gum/ food thickener stains

  • Starch stains

  • Protein stains

  • Redoposition

How multi-enzymes benefit your laundry needs

Proteases: Delivering premium wash performance 

Most laundry detergents contain chelators to soften water and help with stain removal, but strong chelators can also remove the calcium ions crucial to an enzyme's structural stability. Progress® Excel 101 L is compatible with strong chelators, ensuring that your detergent keeps delivering high performance after storage.

Amylases: Combatting stubborn starch-based stains

Most people know that foods like potatoes, corn and spaghetti contain starch. But starch is also used in ready-made food and baby food and sauces, including gravy, condiments and pasta sauces. Starch stains act as glue for other dirt particles in the air and wash water, making stains even worse. Amylase in detergents cuts starch molecules into tiny sugars so that they can be washed away.

Novonesis offers a range of premium amylases that deliver high performance even in cooler temperatures and in the presence of strong chelators. Amplify Prime 100 L thrives in all cycles and delivers effective wash performance with less than four times the typical dose, making it compatible with compact detergent formats.

Lipases: Removing the toughest stain for consumers: greases

Cooking oils, butter and fast food are responsible for everyday greasy stains. More consumersare cooking at home, but in recent years, street food has gone mainstream in many regions—along with the grease stains it causes. Lipase enzymes attack stains containing fats and oils by cutting lipid molecules into smaller pieces. Lipases work together with surfactants: surfactant micelles readily absorb smaller amounts of lipid molecules.

Lipex ® Evity ® 200 L is but one of Novonesis' lipases that are suited for demanding conditions, including the presence of strong chelators and water-rich formulations. It offers excellent all-around performance on fatty and oil stains, such as those from greasy food, butter and oil, and even cosmetics.

Biosolutions to maintain fabric integrity

Liquid cleaning and care cellulases: Brightening colors and restoring fabric smoothness

The laundry process is already a daunting chore and taking extra steps to maintain fabric integrity can be burdensome for consumers. Novonesis' liquid cleaning cellulase keeps whites white and colors bright by preventing dirt particles in the wash water from depositing on otherwise clean clothes. Cellulase provides high performance even in eco-friendly wash modes and prevents redeposition of non-bleachable soils such as dyes from jeans, traffic dirt and clay particles from mud, preventing fabric graying and color dullness over time.

Novonesis also offers liquid care cellulase to preserve and restore the smoothness and colors of cotton fabrics. These products deliver exceptional performance, even in cold washes and in the presence of strong chelators, and effectively remove unsightly fuzz and pill build-up on cotton fabric.

Did you know:

Enzymes cut detergent formulation costs. Partially replacing surfactants with enzymes in your formulation allows you to cut your raw material costs while reducing the impact of surfactant price spikes on your profitability.

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