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Today, innovative brewers are using enzymes to develop their business beyond traditional beer boundaries. With enzymes, brewers can create new tastes and claims, maintain consistent production and develop premium offerings to meet new consumer expectations.

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As a global leader in ingredient distribution, we deliver enzymatic solutions from Novonesis, a world leader in innovative and sustainable biotechnology. Novonesis’ product portfolio contains an extensive range of cutting-edge enzymes and related technologies that serve many beverage production applications while benefiting local farmers and helping to reduce cost and waste for better beverage processes. Discover how we are supporting innovation through enzyme distribution for beverage manufacturers.

Rethink traditional brewing. Improve the quality of your yield.

Enzymes have been a natural part of brewing for thousands of years. Today’s brewers are using enzymes to experiment with new tastes and meet claims for wellness and environmentally conscious consumers. As a beverage solution, enzymes help beverage producers achieve consistently high beer quality and improve sustainability through cost reduction and optimized production processes.

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