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Hair Conditioners are used to confer benefits on hair. They facilitate hair combing, enhance gloss and smoothness, provide antistatic properties, and improve hair manageability. Cationic surfactants are the main components of hair conditioners; they are effectively deposited on the hair surface and condition the hair thanks to the hydrophobic nature of the alkyl rest and to the cationic charge of the polar head group.

Monoalkylquats continue to be the most used cationic surfactants in hair rinses, although it is also known that these products present limitations about their ecotoxicity properties. In addition, the short-medium alkyl chain quats type is in liquid form at room temperature, which makes them easy to handle and cold processable. The QUARTAMIN® 60 range acts as a medium performing conditioner but is very good for the fine, Caucasian, and natural hair type. Even though the final viscosity increases over time, the types of fatty alcohol used, and the addition of an emulsifier play a predominant role in viscosity. With pure fatty alcohols, the viscosity obtained is lower than with Cetearyl Alcohol.

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    QUARTAMIN 60W25 950KG IBC KAO IBC 950.00 kgs --
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    QUARTAMIN 60W25 200KG STEEL DRUM KAO -- 200.00 kgs --
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