PER-SUST™️ 504

The Ellamera™ line of multifunctional rheology modifiers offer multiple benefits in addition to modifying oils. Compared to traditional modifiers which only result in shear-thinning viscosity types, the Ellamera™ line of modifiers offers much broader functionality for a range for applications and viscosities.

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The line contains 10 total grades across 4 products, each uniquely designed to offer formulators specialized rheology modification, and great benefits such as suspension, water repellency and film forming. The Ellamera™ line of products also offers improved performance and wider formulation approaches with their crystal clear and smooth textures.

Ellamera™ RAD-THICK™ Polymeric Thickener

Products in this line: Ellamera RAD-THICK™ 501

The Ellamera™ RAD-THICK line is engineered to be soluble in low-polarity liquid carriers and oils, such as octyl dodecanol, isododecane and squalane. It allows for thickening, film forming, and water repellency of non-polar oils for enhanced texture, touch and spreadability. 

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    Product PER-SUST 504

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