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Green emollient for personal care mild formulations.

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LEVENOL® H&B is a glyceryl ester derivative. It is very mild and has emollient, moisturizing, thickening, and foam boosting properties, which makes it a very good all-in-one cosurfactant. It also has a good ecotoxicological profile. It is liquid and has no risk/safety warnings, what makes it easy to handle and cold processable.

 It is very common to add emollients to cosmetic formulations to improve their sensorial properties. With LEVENOL® H&B this addition to cleansing products does not cause any problems regarding viscosity or foam, which is usually the case when using other emollients. LEVENOL® H&B acts as a high-performing emollient, better than the most widely used glyceryl ester derivatives in the market, while boosting both the viscosity and foam behavior of the formula. Successfully develop Sulfate-Free formulations, even if it is used as primary or secondary surfactant. 

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