EMANON® EV-E belongs to a new generation of non-ionic surfactants useful in many different cosmetic applications, being suitable for both rinse-off and leave-on products in hair and body care applications.

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EMANON® EV-E by KAO Chemicals Europe

Over the last few years, market trends have reflected a special interest in incorporating natural origin ingredients such as moisturizing oils, vitamins, or extracts into shower creams, and silicones for hair care. EMANON® EV-E is in line with market trends because it helps incorporate oils and silicones into shower creams and shampoos, improving the foam and delivering active agents to the skin and hair. It is suitable for both rinse-off and leave-on products. In shower products and shampoos, EMANON® EV-E is the key ingredient for achieving better foamability. In addition, its high HLB value makes EMANON® EV-E suitable as a co-emulsifier in hair conditioners, as a cold emulsifier in creams and as a main surfactant in wet wipes and make-up removers.

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    EMANON EV-E 210KG PLASTIC DRUM KAO -- 210.00 kgs --
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