Pearling agents are widely used in cleansing cosmetic products to improve their appearance. When they are added to a formulation, a white product with a high shiny and brilliant appearance is obtained, giving them a rich and luxurious look.

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DANOX® P-15 has a pale pink shade pearled appearance that disappears with time, light and temperature and that doesn’t affect the final formula. Easily dispersible at room temperature in all type of surface-active compositions. Compatible with all types of surface-active agents: anionic, non-ionic, or amphoteric. Compatible with other type of final appearance modifiers, as acrylates or others. Its anionic character contributes to the final detergent power of the composition where it is included. Its non-ionic component complements the emollient and lubricating power of the formula where it is included. Its current percentage of use is between 2% and 6%, but higher quantities can be used after checking the stability. Even though many stability tests with DANOX® P-15 at different concentrations and using different surface-active compositions (based on SLES, AOS, Alkyl Carboxylates, Sulphosuccinates, etc) have been done without troubles, it is always advisable to check stability in each definitive composition. DANOX® P-15 presents an additional thickening effect, which allows reducing the content of other thickening additives in the final composition.

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    Product DANOX® P-15

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