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Create a pearly sheen with Kao sulfate-free pearling agent

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Pearling agents are widely used in cleansing cosmetic products to improve their appearance. When they are added to a formulation, a white product with a high shiny and brilliant appearance is obtained, giving them a rich and luxurious look.

DANOX® BF-22 contains a high content of pearling component (> 20%) and is therefore more effective than other pearling agents at lower concentrations (1-4%) giving an excellent opacifying effect.  DANOX® BF-22 optimal use concentration is 2% to achieve a balanced opacifiying and pearling effect. DANOX® BF-22 is the recommended pearling agent to formulate sulfate-free cleansing cosmetic products. Compatibility of DANOX® BF-22 has been checked in different cosmetic compositions, obtaining good performance and stability in all of them. In general, it has been observed that less thickening agent is needed to obtain the desired viscosity. 

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