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Sensolene® is a multifunctional lipid endowed with emollient properties to provide high levels of skin compatibility while providing elegant appearance and texture to the formulation. Sensolene® is composed of a combination of fatty acids that chemically mimics the composition of the skin’s hydrolipidic film, providing physiologically compatibility with it.

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Hallstar’s most recent clinical testing provided clear data that Sensolene® has superior dispersing properties for inorganic sun filters (especially zinc oxide) and pigments. Inorganic sun filters that are well-dispersed have more homogeneous films, so are more effective. Well-dispersed pigments means more uniform and intense color.

In addition, our laboratories tested Sensolene®‘s impact on compact powders when it is used to bind/wet the powders. Prototypes containing Sensolene® have a significantly higher drop test pass rate than those without Sensolene®.

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