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The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization points out that roughly 30% of all food is wasted, contributing mainly to solid waste landfills. Most consumers want to do their part: they pay more attention to the environmental impact of their products, how they are sourced and created. As climate change and overpopulation adds pressure on food resources, finding other sources of raw materials is a sustainable solution to avoid competition.

That explains why research and storytelling about upcycled materials, such as discarded fruit, and circular product concepts are growing in interest. Upcycled ingredients prevent waste by creating new, high-quality products. They use materials that otherwise have gone to waste; are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains and have a positive impact on the environment. This provides a more ethical source of ingredients and promotes a zero-waste way of working.

Our Range of Upcycled Ingredients

EarthOil by Univar Solutions is very pleased to bring to the market several upcycled ingredients for your next consumer product. Our range includes:

Lemons and Lemon Oil arranged on a tableLemons and Lemon Oil arranged on a table
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