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Floramac® 10

Versatile nature-derived silicone alternative with a dry touch and a silky and smooth after-feel

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Macadamia oils are derived from the heart of the rainforests. Rich in antioxidants,

macadamia oil has been used for centuries for skin rejuvenation. Macadamia’s high

palmitoleic acid content is similar to what is found within human surface lipids. As a result of its composition, it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a non-greasy skin feel and distinctly benefits dry and mature skin.

When macadamia oil is refined it becomes a highly oxidatively stable emollient, providing superior stability, even in pro-oxidative environments.

Floratech proposes refined macadamia oil called Floramac® Macadamia Oil Refined and the ester Floramac® 10.

Floramac® 10: Botanically-derived silicone alternative

Floramac® 10 is a moisturizing mixture of macadamia esters. It provides formulators with a nature-derived silicone alternative.

It is a versatile and unique botanically derived low viscosity and non-greasy light ester with a dry emollience and that gives a silky and smooth after-feel like cyclopentasiloxane. It provides excellent oxidative stability, high spreading ability and low slippiness. As Floramac® 10 is a non-volatile compound, it remains on the skin/hair and imparts better hydration than traditional silicones. It thus offers additional benefits of moisturization and conditioning. It has a broad compatibility and solubility profile.

This multifunctional emollient will also enhance the dispersion of pigments and inorganic UV filters and will aid in the solubilization of organic sunscreen actives.

Floramac® 10 is a versatile raw material that can be used in a wide range of applications supported by clinical studies.

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