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Floraesters® 20

Floraesters® 20 is derived exclusively from jojoba oil, a unique botanical source of liquid wax esters.

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Floraesters® 20 provides a rich emolliency with a melting point slightly above skin temperature. Floraesters® 20 is an ideal choice for skin, sun, baby, lip, body, hair, and anhydrous formulations.

Floraesters offer formulators a wider range of melting points, more elegant textures, and better aesthetic benefits than other nature derived* butters, derivatives and emollients.

Floraesters® 20 is a member of the Floraesters family, which also includes Floraesters® 15, 30, 60, 70 and IPJ. Floraesters® 20 may be used individually or blended with other Floraesters to achieve a desired texture.

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