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FiberDesign Citrus™ is a 100% nature-derived patented texturizer that combines upcycled lemon & lime fibers and biofermented sclerotium gum. 

Citrus peel fibers are manufactured using de-pectinised lemon and lime peels, a by- product from pectin production. Through this usage, the lemon and lime valorization is up to 96%; thus reducing food waste. Sclerotium gum is a biopolymer obtained by the aerobic fermentation of sugars with strains of Sclerotium rolfsii.  

FiberDesign™ Citrus is a versatile performant texturizer and emulsion stabilizer with efficient suspension properties. It has a quick breaking texture that allows for easy spreading, provides a cooling effect and long-lasting freshness and a premium sensoriality with a smooth after-feel. It shows a shear thinning behavior. 

It can be used in a wide pH range: 3-12 and is compatible with polar and non-polar oils; anionic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants; alcohol up to 10% and is resistant to electrolytes (0-2%).

To get the full potential of this texturizer, it needs to be deployed and activated using an homogenizer R/S type equipment: Silverson L5M-A (5,000rpm, 15 min) and Ultra Turrax T25 (10,000rpm, 15min). It is cold and hot processable.  

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