BotaniButter™: The 100% naturally derived creamy wax emollient

Naturally derived creamy wax emollient with a silky sensory and various skin care benefits

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BotaniButter™ is a 100% naturally derived and COSMOS approved creamy wax emollient derived from botanical sources of palm, mustard and rapeseed. 

This creamy wax melts at application (MP: 34-37°C) and offers an elegant sensory experience, both at application and at dry down, by providing a silky soft feel and a smooth spreadability. It is a natural alternative to silicone wax that provides comparable sensory and textural attributes with the additional benefits of increased hydration and improved stability profile as compared to the silicone wax benchmark. 

BotaniButter™ has been shown to enhance skin hydration, promote skin barrier protection, boost skin barrier recovery and reduce appearance of erythema. 

This wax emollient ester will provide rich texture and in sticks it can provide appropriate payout without loosing stick strength when incorporated with wax materials. Due to its unique melting point it will provide pleasant shine on lips after the application. 

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