Actigum CS 11 QD

Actigum™ CS 11 QD sclerotium gum from Cargill Beauty Products is produced by aerobic fermentation of sugar with the fungus Sclerotium rolfii. Composed of non-ionic sugar monomers, in solution the sclerotium forms a triple helix. Cold soluble, it’s an ideal nature-derived thickener & stabilizer for formulations with smooth & soft textures.

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Cosmos approved, cold processable non ionic biopolymer. This biopolymer is obtained through a process of aerobic fermentation of sugars with strains of non-GMO Sclerotium rolfsii. Sources in the fermentation broth are of 100% vegetable origin: wheat and sugar beet.

This biopolymer is a performant versatile texturizer: effective viscosity builder, performant suspensive agent (≥0.3% dose) and emulsion stabilizer that provides a very pleasant, light, smooth, and slightly fresh sensoriality to formulations. It has sprayable properties and creates translucent to transparent gels. It is stable in a wide pH range (3-12) and has a broad compatibility profile (electrolytes, surfactants, alcohol, preservatives and high temperatures) which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. It may be used alone or in combination with other texturizers to give original textures.

High shear is necessary to fully develop the desired properties of the sclerotium gum family and thus they must be dispersed using a homogenizer R/S type equipment: Silverson L5M-A (5000rpm, 5min) and Ultra Turrax T25 (12000rpm, 15-20min). Cold process is possible and heating (80°C) will only make faster the deployment of the polymer. In emulsions Actigum™ CS 11 QD can be either dispersed in the water phase or in the oil phase (similar viscosity and particle size). It is quick dispersible, so premix with glycols is not necessary.

An irradiated version (not COSMOS approved) is available with Total Plate Count <100 cfu/g.

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