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Mentorship is a vital part of the formula for success. Having a mentor encourages young girls’ ambition and empowers their confidence.

In this four-part video series, Univar Solutions s(hero) lab leaders share with four curious girls how they discovered their passion for science and why they’re in their element with test tubes, beakers, and formulations.

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Part 1:

Allison Hunter, Manager, Technical Services, at our Solution Center in Houston, Texas takes on the burning questions of 10-year-old Audrey.

Part 2:

Curious about how chemistry experiments are similar to baking challenges or learning a foreign language?

Those are just a few of the topics tackled in Part 2 of the Curious about Chemistry series.

Join 8th grader, Nikki, and Dr. Erin Burke, Technical Manager, Analytical and Lab Services in our Houston Solution Center, as they explore their passion for science and advice for young girls interested in exploring fields in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Part 3: 

Learn about why writing skills and theatre classes can help make a chemist successful, how sustainability is taken into consideration when formulating new products, and much more. Aspiring chemist and 10th grader, Drina, talks to Amy Brooks, Senior Chemist, about their passion for chemistry and making a difference for young girls interested in exploring fields in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  

Part 4:

Did you know art and chemistry have a lot in common?

Listen in as 8th grader, Ravine, meets up with scientist, Dr. Dejana Drew, Director of Technical Solutions - North America, to explore the creative side of chemistry and how constant curiosity leads to innovation. Hear more about Dr. Drew’s top tips for success in science.  

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