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Organizational Structure

Embedding sustainable practices and thinking into our business practices

At Univar Solutions, we work to integrate a sustainability mindset throughout our organizational structure, including our processes, infrastructure and culture. We believe that good corporate governance is a critical factor in achieving business success and in fulfilling our responsibilities to stockholders.

Learn more about our organizational structure and how we embed sustainable practices and thinking into business practices for meaningful actions.

Julianne Yun

Director of Compliance and Risk

“Accountability is key to our success. While our executive leadership plays an important role in supporting key strategies and leading by example, we cannot embed sustainable practices, systems and culture without commitment from all of our employees. Through local working groups, employee networks and collaborations with our communities, customers and suppliers, we empower everyone across our business to contribute to our sustainability journey.”

Our organizational structure

To ensure we are tracking ESG progress, delivering on our strategic goals, and making meaningful contributions, Univar Solutions’ governance groups include the Board of Directors’ Governance and Corporate Responsibility (GCR) Committee, our Executive Committee, our Global Sustainability Council, and our Regional Sustainability Working Groups. Together, our committees are driving the change necessary to be a sustainable leader in chemical and ingredient distribution.

Board of Directors’ Governance and Corporate Responsibility (GCR) Committee

At the highest level, the Board maintains oversight of the company’s strategy and its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes and programs, which include ESG and climate risks. Corresponding risk mitigation plans are presented to the Board semi-annually.

The GCR Committee meets quarterly to oversee progress and advance our strategies toward achieving our global ESG goals, including the actions, risks and opportunities associated with climate change. This committee reviews and monitors all policies and activities that support Univar Solutions’ broader ESG strategy.

Univar Solutions’ Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee internally oversees Univar Solutions’ broader ESG strategy, as directed by Jen McIntyre, our Chief People and Culture Officer and Senior Vice President, and Noelle Perkins, our General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer, and Secretary.

The committee is actively engaged in contributing to and overseeing progress against our global ESG goals. Examples of the Committee’s engagement from the past year include:

  • Reviewing safety and environmental performance monthly, including injuries, incidents and ongoing improvement activities
  • Conducting diverse talent reviews to give senior leaders visibility into some of our top gender- and ethnically-diverse talent
  • Supporting our team’s alignment of community engagement efforts into three areas: volunteering, donations and advocacy

Global Sustainability Council

In 2021, we strengthened the responsibility and ownership of key ESG topics at Univar Solutions by building sustainability committees. These new committees enable robust governance that drives the integration of our current and future sustainability strategies into our everyday business.

The Global Sustainability Council is a group of senior leaders across the business accountable for supporting the implementation of our strategic ESG priorities. The council reviews our progress with ESG, presenting the Board’s GCR Committee updates quarterly.

Regional Sustainability Working Groups

Regional Sustainability Working Groups drive the tactical planning and delivery of our integrated ESG journey.