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Whether it be lactose-free, reduced sugar, low allergenic, high protein, low-fat or plant-based products, we offer distribution of Novonesis’ portfolio of enzymes to enhance your dairy business and meet current and future consumer demands.

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As health-minded consumers demand change, formulators continue to look for dairy product solutions without compromising taste, texture or label simplicity. Univar Solutions supports this increased demand through the distribution of affordable, nutritious dairy solutions.

Not only are consumer trends driving lactose reductions, but as regulatory authorities call for reducing sugar and government bodies begin taxing carbohydrates, the dairy industry faces heightened pressure to reformulate. However, this isn’t easy to achieve without impacting texture, flavor, shelf life or cost while maintaining a clean label. Reduced lactose and sugar are distinct challenges for the industry, and yet they are not mutually exclusive; producers can address both issues with high-performance lactase.

Novonesis’ lactase enzymes convert lactose into two easily digestible sugars, glucose and galactose—allowing organizations to develop products with lactose-free and fiber-enriched claims. These enzymatic solutions can also be used to enhance sweetness and develop reduced sugar formulations, or they can help reduce sugar directly without reformulation. Either way, the result is a healthier choice for consumers with no compromise on sweetness.

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