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Elevate Your Baking Experience with Novamyl® BestBite

Discover the remarkable potential of Novamyl® BestBite – a cutting-edge biosolution that transforms your baking creations.

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Experience a new level of freshness and optimized recipes that reduce the need for added sugars while maintaining a delightful eating experience.

How Novamyl® BestBite addresses demand and combats food waste

Foodology by Univar Solutions continually strives to meet market demands and combat food waste.

Novamyl® BestBite targets a vital area in the market by focusing on bread texture and preserving the soft, fluffy, and resilient eating experience throughout the baking product's extended shelf life.

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    Texture and taste perfected

    Satisfy your consumers' senses with Novamyl® BestBite.

    By prolonging the natural texture, your products remain fresh for an extended period. This innovative enzymatic solution for baked goods helps your customers enjoy the same satisfaction, whether fresh out of the oven or 15 days later.

    Driving sustainability through reduced waste

    Join us in our commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste.

    By increasing the shelf life of baked goods, Novamyl® BestBite minimizes the environmental impact across the entire baking process – from crop production to packaging and transportation.

    Experience the extraordinary bite

    Discover the "Soft, moist, and resilient" bite with Novamyl® BestBite. This game-changing solution delivers a perfectly balanced bite that surpasses consumer expectations and elevates your baked creations and recipes while reducing food waste.

    Join us on the journey to sustainability, taste, and texture excellence with Novamyl® BestBite. Let's create a baking experience like no other.

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