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NOB166® has innovative solutions against multi-resistant microorganisms providing long lasting antimicrobial protection with technologies focusing on health, the environment and sustainability as a priority. We aim to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used in continuous and nonresidual disinfection processes and the waste caused by the packaging, among other benefits. There are no other technologies in the market that can apply an antimicrobial property to textiles through conventional washing systems, domestic, industrial and professional. NOB166®’s active substance is 100% recyclable, which demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable future. Its inorganic nature makes it free of volatile particles, prolonging product durability and allowing compatibility with a wide variety of formulations.

Environmental and Innovative Benefits of using NOB166®:

  • NOB166® technologies were created to solve the urgent needs of protecting human lives from hazardous multi-resistant microorganisms by creating long lasting antimicrobial solutions that do not have negative environmental impacts.
  • NOB166® encapsulation technology requires 400% less active matter than other biocides due to the capacity of a very controlled and slow release.
  • Its booster properties allow a reduction in other raw materials used in detergent formulations or a longer lasting effect on textiles or hard surfaces, for example it allows a reduction of the use of preservatives.
  • NOB166® odour control technology avoids continuous washing of clean textile due to the capacity of textiles of absorbing microbial based bad odours such as humidity, mould etc.
  • Increases the lifespan of textiles by reducing textile degradation up to 50%. 
  • Reduces the need of using single-use and disposable clothing in sanitary environments which are very harmful for the environment, such as packing healthcare textiles with plastic bags to avoid cross contamination and nosocomial infections also known as healthcare-associated infections. 
  • Uses less active substance in its concentrated booster version that is allowed by WHO in drinking water. In the concentrated additive is ppm and in final formulation ppb. 
  • Active substance is 100% recyclable, once it reaches the tributaries it turns into natural salts that can be recovered. It does not contain volatile particles, the product lasts much longer because it is inorganic. NOB166® is committed to the 2030 AGENDA and the sustainable development goals which are an urgent call for action by all countries. 
  • Final formulations with NOB166® technologies do not add hazardous environmental or corrosive pictograms. 
  • Can help to reduce the time of washing cycles and water temperatures, saving up to 85% of the energy consumption.
  • NOB166® provides long lasting antimicrobial protection allowing a drastic reduction on contaminating disinfection processes and all its added drawbacks and disadvantages. Visit the website to find out more about NOB166®: https://nob166.com/
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