Man washing his face with soapMan washing his face with soap

HydroxySHIELD™ Polymer

Whether you want to launch a new hair care brand or improve the conditioning performance of a shampoo, leave-in product, rinse-of conditioner or colorant – HydroxySHIELD™ Polymer is built for this.

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The brand-new polymer provides a shield of multi-functional benefits protecting hair from heat, color and damage. HydroxySHIELD™ Polymer allows you to offer consumers high-performing hair care products that deliver healthy hair that improves with each step of the hair care routine.

A novel Hydroxy functional amino polymer that can create next generation of formulations that meet consumer cleansing and conditioning needs. Add it to your next line of shampoo and conditioner to offer consumers an improved performance experience.

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    Product HydroxySHIELD Polymer

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