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EcoSense™ Surfactants are a family of naturally sourced, readily biodegradable surfactants from Dow. They have been specially developed to help create end-use formulations that offer optimum performance with excellent sensory appeal.

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Belonging to the family of alkyl polyglucosides, EcoSense™ products can be used as both primary and co-surfactants in a variety of cleansing applications, such as shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, liquid hand soaps and baby wipes.

EcoSense™ surfactants provide a new solution to help meet consumers’ growing demands for personal care products that are milder to the skin and hair, have an improved environmental profile, and are naturally derived. EcoSense™ products are listed on ECOCERT and certified by the Natural Products Association, and are an ideal choice for formulators looking to develop products with “natural” label claims without any compromise on product performance.

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