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Versatile, multifunctional sensory enhancers with a proven safety profile and low D4/D5 content to meet your regulatory requirements.

Dow offers a wide range of Silicone Elastomers to enhance your next skin care formulation.


Format Features Benefits

Free Flowing

Low Agglomeration

Ease of Formulation

Sebum Absorption

Wrinkle Masking/ Soft Focus

Anhydrous Blends

Volatile or non-volatile carrier fluid

Compatibility with organic ingredients (actives)

Can incorporate water

Actives Delivery Aid (sunscreen, vitamins, etc.)

Increases absorbency/ Sensory skin feel

Rheology Modifier/ Thickens Oil Phase

Creates Clear Formulations

Cold Process/ Ease of Formulation

Water Based Pre-emulsified water dispersible elastomers

Applicable for Hair Care Styling Formulations

Ease of Formulation


Dow Silicone Elastomer Powders can be added to a wide range of formulations, including:

  • Face and body creams, lotions, gels
  • Color cosmetics such as foundations, loose and pressed powders, eye shadows, bronzers and highlighters and lipsticks
  • Sun care products

These products are easy to formulate and can be added directly to a compatible liquid phase without the need for making a premix in another fluid. For powder or solid formulations, they can be ground directly with other powders.


  • Easy dispersion in different media (even in the presence of pigments)
  • Provides wrinkle masking benefits
  • Gives dry, silky powdery skin feel
  • Oil and sebum reduction
  • Oil phase thickener (see figure below)


  • Water dispersible and oil dispersible in a variety of media
  • Provides wrinkle masking, soft-focus look and mattifying effect
  • Gives unique, smooth, powdery skin feel
  • Oil and sebum reduction (see figure below)
Oil Absorption ChartOil Absorption Chart
Viscosity water graphViscosity water graph

Silicone Organic Elastomer Blends

This category of Dow Silicone Elastomers offers clear to slightly translucent crosslinked silicone-organic elastomer gels delivered in various carrier fluids. These products are able to act as a delivery aid and incorporate filters, pigments, and other actives while maintaining a viscous, gel structure.

When you are considering sustainability, save energy by using a cold process with silicone organic elastomer blends. These products are compatible with organics, both lipophilic and water-based, and can even create clear systems with unique aesthetics.

These products are available with a variety of carrier fluids and viscosities. These products are available with a variety of carrier fluids and viscosities.


  • Provides smooth feel and matte appearance
  • Good compatibility with organic oils
  • Can incorporate water and polar materials such as glycerin
  • Can enhance sensory effects for increased absorption
  • Creates a fast-break emulsion that can deliver a burst of water to the skin
  • Can create clear systems


  • Provides a dry, silky feel to formulations
  • Provides a mattifying effect to the skin
  • Good compatibility with organic oils, including sunscreens
  • Improved non-transfer in color cosmetics (longer wear)
  • Can create clear systems


Silicones have a safe and sustainable safety profile backed by hundreds of years of scientific results. For customers seeking globally compliant materials due to D4/D5 environmental regulation in the European Union, many silicone elastomers are low D4/D5 content (< 0.1%) and compliant with this regulation.

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