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Dowsil™ PMX-200 Silicone Fluid 6cS

New emollient for Smooth and non-greasy feel as well as skin lubricity without residue and respecting the high standard of purity

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DOWSIL™ 200 Silicone Fluid 6 cSt is a polydimethylsiloxane fluid commonly used as a base fluid in personal care products due to its excellent spreading characteristics. It is clear, essentially odourless and non-greasy. The combination of DOWSIL ™200 Silicone Fluid 6 cSt with XIAMETER™ PMX200 Silicone Fluid 1.5 cSt allows reproducing of the sensory profile of the Cyclopentasiloxane whereas the combination with XIAMETER ™PMX 200 Silicone Fluid 2 cSt allows reproducing of the sensory profile of the cyclohexasiloxane.

What is a silicone in cosmetics and what is become in nature?

Silicone is a family of polymers coming from the reaction between natural sand, methanol and chlorhydrique acid to obtain PolyDimethylSiloxane. Degradation of PDMS is a common process taking place in many different types of soils. It occurs through a unique combination of environmental degradation processes. Initial hydrolysis of PDMS is catalysed by clay minerals, the principal component of soil. From this PDMS we can produce a different type of silicone-based raw materials:

  • Volatile or fluid linear silicone used as solvent and gum for velvet sensoriality, by increasing the molecular weight
  • Crosslinked polymer like elastomer for powdery and smooth touch & resin for wash-off resistance in sun care for example
  • Functionalized silicone to improve performance like make-up long-lasting, hair conditioning, texture and stability

Improving the performance of the cosmetic product allows for reduction consumption by limiting the number of re-apply.

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