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DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid

An alkylmethyl siloxane copolyol designed to prepare stable water-in-oil emulsions. 

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DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid is a liquid alkylmethyl silicone polyether copolymer. Its primary function is to produce water-in-oil emulsions with a low to medium polarity oil phase.

Products made with DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid bridge the gap between oil-in-water and water-in-oil systems, delivering the benefits of protection, water resistance and elegance attributed to water-in-oil formulations but without the greasiness and heaviness of typical water-in-oil systems.

DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid enables the formulation of creams and lotions with low energy processing and at room temperature, resulting in lower energy costs and faster processing times. DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid has a high molecular weight while still remaining fluid. This inherent property results in the creation of a very stable visco-elastic film at the water/oil interface, therefore DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid is a very efficient emulsifier and leads to water-in-oil formulations exhibiting excellent stability at high water concentration and low emulsifier levels.

It also allows the incorporation of high levels of humectants such as glycerine and propylene glycol, while maintaining a very good sensory profile. DOWSIL™ 5200 Formulation Aid can be used as a co-emulsifier in oil-in-water systems and has also demonstrated hair and skin conditioning properties.

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