Dow Food Ingredients

Dow offers unique, innovatve prcess aids that empower customers around the world to create Food and Beverage solutions with outstanding performance.

The team of Dow's experts combine a deep understanding of consumer needs and market knowledge with one of the broardest portflios in the industry, enabling them to meet the growing demand for sustainable and safe solutions in and round the prodution process, providing safe options where lubrication or release are required without taste, calories, smell or staining. 

Dow's products are safe for both people and the planet, with regulatory standards you can rely upon, whatever your market is.

Foodology by Univar Solutions offers a range of products on behalf of Dow, including:

  • Xiameter® PMX200 Silicone Oils Food Grade
  • Xiameter® PMX-200 Silicone Oils Std
  • Xiameter® Antifoam Emulsions
  • Xiameter® Antifoam Compunds
  • Xiameter® MEM Silicone Emulsions
  • Dowsil TM Bakery release products
  • Dowsil TM 8024 Food Contact release Emulsion & Lubricant
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