The sun sets over a water treatment plant The sun sets over a water treatment plant


Our flocculants provide a vast array of options, allowing you to match the right product for your unique needs.

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    What is a flocculant?

    Flocculation is a crucial step in any water treatment system, and flocculants are essential to that process. By introducing these substances into a solution, particles are grouped together to form easily removable 'flocs'. This allows for easy extraction of harmful impurities like suspended solids, dissolved solids, organic and inorganic elements, and metals. 

    Different types of flocculants

    Water treatment has long relied on two key flocculant types: powder and emulsion, which comprise the bulk of the industry's market share. But a new player is fast emerging – water-based dispersion polymers open an exciting door for more innovative solutions. 

    Introducing Water-based Dispersion Polymers


    Univar Solutions are proud to distribute our Caflon Floc™ range. These water-based dispersion polymers are easy-to-use and demonstrate exceptional versatility and performance across a diverse range of applications.