Silicones for Textile Applications

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    The value of the silicones in various stages of textile processing & manufacturing such as thread lubrication, foam control agents during textile pretreatment and dyeing process as well as in the finishing treatments – softeners, is well known and established since many years due to the versatility of silicone chemistry and the significant impact it has on productivity and efficiency.

    Over recent years, the use of silicones in textiles has expanded, especially its use in performance apparel and technical textiles where benefits like durable water repellency, stretchability, fire resistance and anti-slip are important.

    Silicone antifoams for textile processing

    Silicone antifoams for textile processing help to prevent foam from negatively impacting the pretreatment & dyeing processes through foam marks & equipment overflows which contribute to decreasing productivity. Specific antifoam grades:

    Silicone lubricants of sewing threads

    In the garment sewing process where temperature of the needle can reach higher than 300°C, it is essential to lubricate thread to reduce COF between fibers and metal parts to prevent thread rupture. Silicones, with their low surface tension and high wetting properties, spread over the surface of the thread, and when formulated with wax, they provide the low COF and temperature stability required for high-speed sewing processes. Xiameter PMX-200 silicone fluids are senior proven performance lubricants and DOWSIL Q2-3195 Thread Lubricant makes the difference in high-speed operations.  Dowsil Q2-3195 thread lubricant is an organocompatible silicone blend that allows the thread finish formulator to combine the lubricating properties of silicone with properties from organic materials such as static or stick-slip elimination.

    Silicone polymers for fabric finishing

    Silicone Finishes are widely recognized as the best materials for increasing the softness of fabrics, enhancing their aesthetic feel, and imparting an excellent hand feel. They improve several physical properties, such as tear strength; abrasion and wrinkle resistance; stretch recovery and shrinkage reduction. They make fabrics more comfortable and more desirable to touch, purchase and wear.

    Silicone emulsions for durable water repellent finishing 

    A large variety of sport apparel, garments and outdoor equipment’s made of diverse textile compositions requires variable water repellency and durable water repellency (DWR), depending on their end uses. Dowsil IE-8749 emulsion is Perfluorocarbon (PFC) free Durable water repellent material with both excellent water repellency and softness by Silicone technology.