Green high-speed train with text reading "The CASE for sustainability"Green high-speed train with text reading "The CASE for sustainability"

Driving an innovative, sustainable future for the CASE industry

See how CASE is at the heart of virtually all markets and can help deliver profitable, sustainable solutions.

Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, and Elastomer products are found in every aspect of life—from the shoes you walk on all day to the paint on the walls, even the thread lock keeping the bolts of the wing in place as you fly through the air at 500+ mph. The CASE industry is integral to life as we know it while also being predominantly based in petrochemical raw materials. How can we answer the call to deliver on sustainability goals while still being tied to petrochemicals? Is sustainability all about “green” or is there more to the story? Can sustainability improve your bottom line, rather than hindering it?


Gain insights into sustainable trends, technical innovation, and regulatory changes from CASE industry experts

What we cover

  • What sustainability means to the CASE industry and what regulations to know
  • How key suppliers are addressing the need to develop raw materials in a sustainable way
  • Where consumers are looking for innovations that deliver sustainable goals
  • Opportunities to formulate sustainability into your next project

CASE sustainability challenges and opportunities

Watch the roundtable discussion covering what today’s chemical and ingredient innovators are doing to promote sustainable practices and drive improvements in the CASE markets. You’ll gain market insights into what you need to know from industry leaders tackling the sustainability challenge so you can better plan your development goals in the coming years enabling you to take advantage of the next evolution of the market.

At Univar Solutions, sustainability is more than an aspiration – it’s core to how we conduct business. We bring together ambitious goals, operational excellence, technology and collaboration to minimize environmental impact and improve sustainability in all we do. Watch the panel on demand now!

Innovation Summit Presenters



Dan Murad

CEO, The ChemQuest Group



Torsten Schmidt

Vice President Marketing Chemicals, Kraton



Chris Fitzgerald

Global Vice President, CASE, Rubber & Plastic Additives, Univar Solutions



Ria Scheuren

Director, Global Sustainability and Environment, Cabot Corporation



Ramesh Iyer

Global Sustainability Director (Coatings & Performance Monomers), Dow



Kieran Smith

Global Marketing Director, Adhesives, Eastman

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