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Dow Silicone Technology for Crop Protection

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    Silicone technology has become integral to addressing challenges in crop protection chemistry, offering effective solutions to problems encountered in pesticide application. One primary issue is foam formation during spraying, disrupting uniform chemical distribution. Silicone's role as an anti-foaming agent is pivotal in preventing foam formation. Its molecules destabilise foam structures, leading to the collapse of bubbles and inhibiting the creation of new ones. This ensures a smooth application, minimising the risk of uneven chemical coverage on crops.

    Moreover, silicone technology is a super wetter, enhancing the spreading and adhesion of spray solutions on plant surfaces. By reducing the surface tension of liquids, silicones improve the wetting properties, allowing for a more even spread over the plant's foliage. This addresses another critical challenge in crop protection—ensuring that pesticides are efficiently distributed and absorbed.

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    Silicone antifoams

    DOWSIL™ and XIAMETER™ Silicone Foam Control Agents from Dow enable manufacturers to increase productivity and decrease production costs. They have low surface tension for effective foam control in a variety of foaming media and act as both antifoams and defoamers.

    Available as fluids, compounds, emulsions, and powders our efficient and long-lasting foamcontrol agents are suitable for use in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. They have proved successful in a wide range of applications in diverse industries around the world.

    Non-ionic silicone polyether surfactants

    Dow offers non-ionic silicone surfactants also called “Super Wetters or Super Spreaders”.  These products improve the wetting, spreading, penetration and rain fastness of crop protection chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. They have a negligible crop phytotoxicity and they are cost effective, being ideal for aerial applications or upcoming rain. Grades available: