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    Over the last few years, the agrochemical sector has demanded more innovative and sustainable crop protection solutions. One way agricultural applications can be enhanced is by adding surfactants, also known as activator adjuvants. Which surfactants are used for agrochemical formulations often depends on the final application. Surfactants can be used as wetting agents, dispersants, or emulsifiers. In the case of wetting agents, their primary use is as co-adjuvants in the application of various crop treatments, while dispersants and emulsifiers offer stability to agricultural formulations.

    Key Benefits

    Using surfactants within the agriculture sector offers a range of benefits, including:

    • Improves soil penetration 
    • Promotes healthy crop growth
    • Reduces surface water run-off and pooling 
    • Retains moisture in the root zone
    • Helps to save water for irrigation
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    Surfactants for more sustainable farming

    At Univar Solutions, sustainability is core to how we conduct business. By leveraging our strong portfolio of sustainable surfactants within the agriculture sector, we aid customers and consumers in meeting their sustainability goals whilst demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and vision for a better world.

    Many surfactants within our portfolio present a twofold benefit by reducing water surface tension whilst increasing water retention. By adding surfactants to agricultural formulations, our customers can minimise irrigation demand, increasing crop yields and quality. Reducing crop water requirements brings economic, environmental, and social benefits to farmers and communities, leading to more sustainable farming systems across the globe.

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