Egg Replacement with Univar Solutions

Our eating habits change. Growing affluence, changing ethical awareness towards animal protein consumption and increasing health awareness are some of the key reasons underlying fundamental changes in recent years. The number of people adhering to a vegan diet is continuously rising worldwide, and the market for egg replacements is expected to continue growing.

Egg-replacing pulses

As a vegetable protein, pulses are fast becoming a key, recognized ingredient in enriched foods. Being gluten-free is an additional advantage, and pulse-based ingredients can offer total replacement of egg yolks, egg whites and whole eggs in bakery, sauces and dressings.

In terms of egg replacement, pulses like fava bean offer improved performance due to their natural protein content, which acts as an emulsifier. Furthermore, fava is the most neutral tasting of pulses, so other flavours can shine through. A ‘deflavoured’ option is available to reduce other notes even more.

Egg-free bakery

In baked systems egg replacement ingredients should deliver properties such as foaming, emulsification, stabilizing and moistening. The egg-free version should not be compromised regarding volume, texture and mouthfeel, as well as the visual impact on colour and flavour of cakes and other baked goods. The egg replacement should be cost effective, and allow for no major processing changes to the use of existing manufacturing equipment.

At Univar Solutions we are proud to be offering functional solutions for multiple applications baked systems applications– from sponge cakes to cookies, muffins, donuts, brioches, including gluten-free applications.

Egg-free mayonnaises, sauces and prepared foods

Demand for plant based products shows no signs of abating. We have a large range of starches in our portfolio that eliminate the use of egg, delivering required profile for taste and texture in a variety of applications.

Whether to answer demand for “free-from” products that address health requirements and lifestyle preferences - without compromising on taste, texture or functionality, or to create a cost-effective sauce with required sensory qualities, we have a wide range of starches to address every formulation challenge. Examples of egg-free formulations developed by Univar Solutions include:

  • Vegan mayonnaise
  • Egg-free burger sauce
  • Vegan hollandaise
  • No-egg carbonara