Are emulsifiers putting strains on your formulation flexibility and costs?

Univar Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Novonesis' global portfolio of enzymes. Enzymatic solutions from Novonesis effectively improve the baking process without compromising flavor and familiarity in sensorial properties. They are not only label-friendly but also a cost-effective substitute.

Whether creating with full or partial elimination in your baking recipe, enzymes can help you improve formulations for your food and beverage production goals.

Disruption in the emulsifier market

Emulsifiers have always been valued ingredients in baking formulations. However, they are more expensive and have become increasingly difficult to source. Despite this, projections indicate a rise in the global demand for emulsifiers.

How will manufacturers secure emulsifiers to formulate baking products at a price that doesn't have to pass costs to customers – or absorb themselves?

Reformulation with enzymes is a viable option.

Frequently asked question: Are enzymes emulsifiers?

Enzymes are suitable alternatives for emulsifiers because they convert the flour's lipids into emulsifiers. The effects of enzymes on baking performance are similar to those of emulsifiers.

Enzymatic emulsifier elimination: A perfect solution?

While reformulating with enzymes is a practical solution for bakery product manufacturing, learn more about the challenges formulators face when using enzymes instead of emulsifiers. 

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Why enzymes work as a bakery solution

Enzymes are cost-effective, stable, and reliable, so you don't need a large dosage to get the desired effect.

Enzymes help your customers achieve excellent sensory properties in baked goods – from volume and mouthfeel to crust and crumb. Additionally, they are sustainable and label-friendly.

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Foodology by Univar Solutions can help your business with enzymes in baking

By working collaboratively with the Foodology by Univar Solutions team of food scientists and culinary chefs, our specialists can help you identify potential obstacles and inspire you to make your emulsifier-free (or reduced baking) mix a long-term recipe for success.

Discuss your project with our experts to achieve efficient and cost-effective results.