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Hydroxysultaines are highly effective amphoteric Surfactants that improve the performance of final cosmetic products. They are extremely mild cosurfactants that increase the performance of personal care formulations compared to alkylbetaines and amidopropyl betaines.
Product No. 1012660
Supplier KAO
CAS 13197-76-7
Applications Home CareIndustrial & Institutional CleaningOral CareTrendsHair CareSkin Care
  • • Vegetable origin• Preservative-free• Biodegradable• Compatible with anionic
  • non-ionic and cationic surfactants• Provide excellent thickening• Foam booster and foam stabilizer• Extremely mild for the eyes and skin• Stable at a wide range of pH and temperatures• Good ecotoxicological profile• Biocidal activity


Product Details

Group Name
Amphoteric Surfactants
Sub Group Name
Other Amphoteric Surfactants
Packaging Type
Animal Testing, ISO 16128, Natural origin, Readily Biodegradable, Sulfate-free, Vegan
Surfactants / Cleansing Agents
Features and Benefits
How to use
BETADET® S-20 is recommended as secondary surfactant for very mild and high foaming products, achieving higher foam volumes than alkyl betaines or alkyl amidopropyl betaines. These product is easier to thicken when combined with SLES, thus reducing the amount of electrolytes needed to obtain a desired viscosity compared to other amphoteric surfactants. Hydroxysultaines show excellent stability at extreme pH’s thus allowing their use in cosmetics formulations were alkali (i.e. depilatories) or acid media are necessary. It is also very stable to hard water, improving the behavior of some sensitive anionic surfactants under extreme conditions. Additionally, BETADET® S-20 shows a highlighted ability to reduce the freezing point of final formulations making them more stable at low temperatures, which helps to obtain clear stable final products
Lauryl Hydroxysultaine

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