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Isopar N by ExxonMobil Chemical is a synthetic isoparaffinic fluid. It is a clear, transparent and virtually odorless liquid. It's high flashpoint and viscosity makes it suitable for applications like water treatment, sealants, concrete demolding.
Product No. 2024017
Synonyms C12-16 Isoalkane, Isoparaffin Fluid, Distillates, Hydrotreated Light, Hydrocarbons
Applications Aerosols, Cleaning, Coating, Cosmetic, Personal care, Household, Metalworking, Radical polymerization processes, Water Treatment, Lubricants


Product Details

Group Name
Aliphatic Solvents
Sub Group Name
Isoparaffin & N-Paraffin
Features and Benefits
Virtually odorless (60x less odor versus Kerosene), Safe in the workplace, Extreme low aromatic content, very beneficial OEL limits, Low viscosity, High purity, Low in impurities, Synthetic, Cost effective alternative to other isoalkanes such as Isohexadecane
How to use
Isopar™ N should be handled only with adequate ventilation and in areas without any ignition source present. The flash point for this product is >75ºC / >167ºF.

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