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IBC  (1000 kgs)

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Ancamine 2686 curing agent is a modified cycloaliphatic polyamine intended for use as a room temperature curing agent for liquid epoxy resin. It offers a balance of chemical resistance and surface appearance properties. Ancamine 2686 curing agent provides high mechanical build, rapid cure and is particularly suitable for lower temperature use down to 10 degrees. It is a versatile hardener, fit for purpose in a variety of non-colour sensitive industrial applications.
Product No. 1004638
Supplier EVONIK
CAS 100-51-6
Applications Liquid epoxy resins


Product Details

Group Name
Coating Hardeners & Curing Agents
Sub Group Name
Cycloaliphatic Hardeners
Features and Benefits
Excellent chemical resistance, Excellent mechanical resistance, Low temperature cure

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