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AMG supports the release of glucose and improves crust color formation & volume. It accelerates proofing, resulting in reduced baking time. A version that is suitable for organic production is available. AMG is a glucoamylase that helps overcome challenges including loss of color and moisture and crust separation in bread and rolls. AMG helps boost yeast and accelerate fermentation. The result is improved crust color, increased oven spring and larger volume. AMG generates crust color sooner, which allows you to reduce baking time and still get the golden crust consumers love. This keeps the bread crumb from overdrying and reduces crust separation in par- and pre-baked bread and rolls.

Sustainability Information

AMG 1100 BG meets the 'bio-based and/or natural products' sustainability characteristic since it is 100% bio-based.
Sustainable product
Product No. 2000479
CAS 545395-94-6
Synonyms glucoamylase
Applications Bakery, bread and rolls
Sustainability Characteristics Natural or bio-based


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Features and Benefits
Enhanced fermentation by generating more glucose to stimulate and boost yeast. Improved crust color: The sugars produced by ?-amylase activity contribute to color formation. This product optimizes amylase activity to deliver an intense crust color. Improved oven spring and larger volume: More glucose stimulates and boosts yeast during proofing and baking. The result is an improved oven spring and more volume. Reduced baking time: The color generation process occurs in the later stages of baking. The additional glucose this product generates means the process happens sooner. That reduces baking times and keeps the bread crumb from overdrying.

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