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CAFLON HTF-FC is a heat transfer fluid based on Propylene Glycol that is low in acute oral toxicity and widely used to depress freeze points in food and beverage processing applications, because of its favourable regulatory profile. CAFLON HTF-FC can be used in the beverage industry to cool products such as beer, wine, milk and juices. CAFLON HTF-FC uses a carefully selected corrosion inhibitor system to provide superior performance in low temperature refrigeration systems. The fluid’s anti-corrosive properties safeguard the integrity of the piping systems. CAFLON HTF-FC is borate, nitrite, amine and CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) free. CAFLON HTF-FC can either be supplied colourless or coloured (to act as an indicator). CAFLON HTF-FC has a recommended operating temperature of -50°C to 120°C.
Product No. 2013088
Supplier UNIVAR


Product Details

Group Name
Low Temperature HTF
Sub Group Name
Low Temperature HTF
Features and Benefits
FDA approved, concentrated, extended maintenance intervals, all round corrosion protection, system efficiency, wear protection

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