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BIG BAG  (1000 kgs)

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Hydrosoft Granular is a premium grade vacuum salt specifically designed to effectively soften hard water. This high quality product contains 99.8% pure sodium chloride with low insoluble content, meaning it is suitable for various areas with especially difficult water conditions. The granular texture of the salt enables easy dissolution within water softening systems and provides maximum operational efficiency in the process of softening the water. Unlike traditional salts, HydroSoft Granular does not dissolve into a silt-like sludge, keeping your system clean and running smooth without long durations of maintenance. Not only does this make it easier to clean, but also keeps its effectiveness longer; allowing for secure performance and long lasting value in areas where hard water treatment is necessary.
Product No. 1018089
Supplier UNIVAR
CAS 7647-14-5
Synonyms Water softener salt pellets, Industrial salt granules, Water conditioning salt, Softening salt pellets, High-purity salt for water softeners
Applications Industrial water softening systems, Boilers and cooling towers, Laundry and textile industry


Product Details

Group Name
Chlorides And Chlorates
Sub Group Name
Sodium Chloride - Solid

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