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Lipopan Max improves dough-strengthening properties. It's a cost-effective way to reduce your dependence on emulsifying agents. Lipopan Max delivers increased oven spring, better loaf volume and a silky white crumb. Lipopan Max is a phospholipase that performs well in spite of most flour quality variations. It also has a high tolerance for lipase-sensitive ingredients such as butter or shortening with short chain fatty acids.

Sustainability Information

LIPOPAN MAX BG meets the "bio-based and/or natural products" sustainability characteristic since it is 90% bio-based.
Sustainable product
Product No. 2006312
CAS 9001-62-1
Synonyms phospholipase
Applications Bakery, bread
Sustainability Characteristics Natural or bio-based


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Features and Benefits
Improved oven spring and higher loaf volume: This product delivers improved dough characteristics with better gas-cell stability. This results in loaves with improved oven spring and increased volume. Less off-flavor in buttery recipes: This product is highly suited to recipes containing butter or sensitive shortenings. That's because it pairs optimal dough strengthening with far less risk of off-flavor generation. Uniform crumb structure: This product helps achieve a homogeneous, silky, white crumb with thin-walled porosity. Less dependence on emulsifiers: This product delivers the dough strengthening needed for high-quality end products. It partially reduces your need for emulsifiers with no loss of performance. Better texture: This product enhances the taste of biscuits by increasing crispiness, crunchiness while improving product texture. Enhanced mouth feel and texture by increasing crispiness and crunchiness.Improves texture & appearance

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