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IBC TRACEABLE  (735 kgs)

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Isopar G by ExxonMobil Chemical is a colourless, odourless synthetic isoparaffinic fluid which evaporates fast, which is ideal for self-evaporable formulations including vanishing oils and evanescent oils. Fast evaporation enables very low viscosity formulation and permits both fast and uniform spreading on metal parts.

Sustainability Information

Safer substitute for kerosene or traditional white spirit. No cumene within the product.
Product No. 2025816
CAS 64742-48-9
Synonyms C10-11 Isoalkane, Isoparaffin Fluid
Applications Aerosols, Cleaning, Coatings, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household, Liquid toners, Metalworking, Radical polymerization processes, Lubricants


Product Details

Group Name
Aliphatic Solvents
Sub Group Name
Isoparaffin & N-Paraffin
Prohibited Uses
In order to protect all employees, customers, partners, equipment, and environment from the effects of explosion and fire caused by inappropriate use of plastic containers in explosive or flammable atmospheres, it is not allowed to store this product in plastic 1000 liter IBC. Check with your Univar Solutions contact person for the options (steel drum, stainless steel IBC)
Features and Benefits
Virtually odorless (60x less odor versus Kerosene), Safe in the workplace, Extreme low aromatic content, very beneficial OEL limits, Low viscosity, High purity, Low in impurities, Synthetic

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