Package Type: 
PAPER BAG  (20 kgs)

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DLP 2000 is a latex powder by DOW that is a free-flowing white powder that is obtained by spray drying of an aqueous vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersion. It offers all the advantages of a free-flowing powder additive, such as ease of transportation, storage, and handling. This can be used in a variety of applications in the construction industry to improve key properties of cement- and gypsum-based formulations. It is highly recommended for building products exposed to conditions of thermal or mechanical stress. It has especially been developed for cement-based tile adhesives meeting the EN12004 standard.
Product No. 1003101
Supplier DOW INC
Applications Cement based tile adhesives, Adhesion mortars, Repair mortars, Renders, Gypsum joint fillers, Crack fillers


Product Details

Group Name
Powder Polymers
Sub Group Name
Redispersible Polymer Powders

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