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Tergitol L-64 E is a non-ionic surfactant that offers a range of impressive properties for various applications. With its excellent wetting ability, high degree of detergency, and low foam characteristics, this surfactant is a versatile choice. It easily mixes with water and can be combined with other surfactants in a wide range of aqueous formulations. Its unique inverse water solubility and low foam characteristics make it an exceptional foam control agent, especially in high-temperature processes. It finds applications in fermentation, food processing, adhesives, paper processing, and metal working products. Additionally, it serves as a rinse aid, emulsifier in latex paints and adhesives, and a component of sanitizing solutions. With its high thermal and chemical stability, good detergency, and rinseability, it delivers reliable performance. It can also be utilized in oilfield drilling and production formulations.

Sustainability Information

This product meets the 'environmental accreditation' sustainability characteristic since is listed on CleanGredients.org
Sustainable product
Product No. 1000694
Supplier DOW INC
CAS 9003-11-6
Synonyms Ethylene Oxide / Propylene Oxide Block Copolymers
Sustainability Characteristics Environmental accreditation


Product Details

Group Name
Sub Group Name
Block Copolymers
Features and Benefits
Emulsifying and wetting properties, low foam characteristics and high-temperature foam control, biodegradable, chemical and thermal stability.

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